January 7th 2010

E-Werk universal power supply

Desk jobs are often monotonous, leave us with tight tendons, and utilize energy-draining computers. But the folks at E-Werk have a solution: creating a power supply from riding a bike.

Using just your own body, you can generate electricity for your lighting, cellphones, gadgets, and other technology, without the need for outlets and batteries.

Developed by Busch & Müller KG in Meinerzhagen, Germany, the  E-Werk universal power supply and recharger generates up to 16 W of power with idle losses of only 0.03 W at 30km/hr (18.6mph). At 15 km/hr (9.3mph), the device recharges as swiftly as the average plug-in power unit.

It weighs in at just 53g, and comes along with two cables and a USB cord. The E-Werk is available starting in October 2010 for €139.

Image Courtesy: Messe Friedrichshafen, www.messe-friedrichshafen.de


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