September 26th 2010

5 best gadgets for travelling

Taking a trip this summer? Awesome.

Having trouble leaving behind your techie toys? You’re not alone.

We all love our handheld gadgets, whether its in the form of an iPod, label maker, or universal remote.

Here are the must-haves to take with you on your next trip. From water filters to road apps, these are the perfect travel companions.

Water Filters

Sometimes we don’t travel to places with the freshest running water, whether it’s a small town in who-knows-where, or a camp ground near your home. The SteriPEN has the answer. This water purifier uses ultraviolet light to clean your water, making it safe to drink. It does it in a matter of seconds, so when you’re thirsty, yo’re ready to go. It takes care of 0.5L of water in under 50 seconds, 1L in 90 seconds, and can provide about 100 cleanings per battery.

Electronic Translator

If you travel a lot but aren’t very savvy with foreign languages, consider the Global Talking Translator. For under 50 bucks, this mini-translator speaks 11 languages and contains 7,700 travel-related phrases–just enough for you to get by without shelling out a lot of dough. It can speak it for you or help you out to say it on your own, complete with basic and necessary phrases such as “Good morning!”, “Where is the hospital?”, “What time does it open?”, “I would like to reserve a table.” and “I have a reservation.”

Solar Charger

We sure do love the sun and might as well take full advantage of its power. The Solio solar charger is perfect for camping, but also handy for a trip abroad to tackle different electricityoutlets . This small powerful plug fans out into three different solar panels, able to charge all your devices.

Handy Camcorder

This tiny HD camcorder lets you record your vacation with awesome quality. Its about the size of your hand, but can record up to 120 minutes of high definition video on 8GB of built-in memory. It’s great for touristy areas, when you don’t want to carry anything bulky with you. At under $250, it’s a steal.

Map Apps

Simple, yes, but you just need to know how to get there. Driving directions, street view, business listings… It’s all there, right on Google Maps’ app for your phone. It works on a variety of devices–Blackberrys, iPhones, Android and others–and you’ll find your Googling everything you’re looking for… And finding it in a matter of seconds. A must have, whether you’re on bike, foot, air, sea or car. Either way, you need to know the directions.

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