July 31st 2010

Amazon launches the new Kindle

The newest Kindle is set to hit the virtual shelves, with some updates that makes it stand tall above its predecessors.

The long awaited launch of the third Kindle has been worth it. A year and a half after Kindle 2 was developed, Amazon has announced that the third installment is better than ever.

This Kindle includes an enhanced display, with faster navigation to boot–at a rate of 20 percent faster than before. The model is 15 percent lighter and 21 percent smaller than the previous versions, but still has the full 6-inch screen size. It weighs in at just 8.7 ounces.

The internal storage of the newest version has also been increased; it can now store up to 3500 books; older versions could only hold 1500.

The Wi-Fi and 3G version costs $189, and the Wi-Fi-only model is a modest $139, better priced than its competitor readers. It is now available to preorder, and starts shipping on August 27th.

Get it now.

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