July 30th 2009

3D digital camera from FujiFilm

The folks at FujiFilm are set to launch the world’s first 3D consumer system developed for digital photography and videos, letting viewers experience 3-dimensional life without those slick glasses.The new camera is called the “FinePix REAL 3D W1” , part of the “FinePix REAL 3D System”. This 10 mega-pixel camera includes twin lenses and sensors, and a 3x optical zoom, along with the option to operate in 2D mode for standard digital photography.

The shining technology in this new camera is that users are able to see whatever they are shooting in 3D; this is established with the inclusion of an LCD panel on the back of the camera, which utilizes an exclusive 2D/3D technology.

The new effects allow greater control over the 3D options, including a setting that saves images from each specific lens as separate files, so the photographer can manually edit the images once on their computer.

In order for users to later experience their 3D images, FujiFilm is also launching their “REAL 3D V1 Viewer”, an 8″ LCD photo frame containing the same 2D/3D technology used on the camera’s viewer screen.

The frame lets users change the degree of their 3D depth, through an adjustable “parallax control”. It also lets the user view them in 2D form, displayed at a resolution of 600×400.

FujiFilm is also introducing a special lenticular paper, so photographers can print and view the 3D printed images without the need of glasses.

According to FujiFilm, the complete line of REAL 3D products are set to launch this fall.

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