April 4th 2011

When to wash your clothes

Do you wear your clothes once and toss them in the hamper? Do jeans make the cut when they’re visibly dirty in order to hold onto that comfy worn-in feel? How many days do you lounge in your pajamas before they make it through the wash cycle?

Here’s our guide on when to wash your clothes and what’s necessary to keep them clean.

If your clothes aren’t visibly dirty, there’s no reason that they all need to make the wash every day.


Wash your bras after you wear them about four times. Because they aren’t in a particularly “stinky” area, they can often stay fresh for a couple of wears–unless you sweat a lot. Then douse those babies daily.


Jeans are durable and can hold up to a little bit of dirt and grime. Because jeans can fade with overwashing, you want to keep it at about every five times. Always wash them inside out and hang to dry, too. Because they loosen up as you wear them, you can wash them more frequently to retain their shape fitted to your body.

Dress Clothes

Wear your trousers, skirts and slacks about five times, especially if they are just seated in a chair in the office. The same goes for your jackets and blazers. For suits, wash or dry clean them together so the fade factor stays the same. For light coloured jackets and blazers, you may want to hand wash around the collars, as that is where build-up may occur.

Casual Pants

Light coloured cotton pants, such as khakis, are the perfect canvas for spills and dirt. But if they are looking fresh, keep the washing to about every four wears.


Every four days or so, wash your pajamas along with your sheets – you probably sweat more than you think. If you shower before bed, you can extend the life to another few wears.


Wash your shirts every three wears or so, depending on your personal levels with sweat and what you’re wearing it for.  Prevent underarm stains with an undershirt and be careful when ironing, which can set in stains any further.


Wash these after every wear. They are close fitting to your body, and ready to absorb anything you have on you, unless it was just for a few hours.

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