June 11th 2011

Warm weather fashion for women

Shoulder baring tank tops. Short shorts. Flirty skirts. Loose linen pants. Bright, bold colours.

Ah, yes, our favourite fashionable time of year: the summer.

We know that less is always more, but in this case, we want more and more of what is to come. Here are our top fashion tips for the upcoming warmer weather.

Do it Up White

All white is making a statement. Think of loose, airy pants with a fitted blazer, the perfect white sundress, and short shorts with loose white tees.

Colour Blocking

One of our favourite trends from about 30 years ago, colour blocking is back with full force, pairing our super bright colours with more of the same. Think hot pink with bright orange, cerulean blue with lime green, and bold yellow with bolder reds.

Horizontal Headlines

Sailor-style inspired horizontal stripes are hot. Eighties, off-the-shoulder tee-shirts and polo dresses are donning the pattern, and they’re making their way into dress shirts, too.

Sexy Ballet

The romantic boudoir takes colours in pretty pastels, such as peaches, pinks, nudes, and greys, and brings them together with simple, feminine fabrics such as lace. This look is perfect for keeping it simple and pretty at the same time.

Keep it Skinny

Skinny jeans are still trendy, and they are looking great with tanks, tunics, and everything in between.

Go for Sheer

…But not too sheer. Slip a camisole under a sheer, flowy shirt, or look for sheer tees with a thin tank in a brighter colour. Sheer is hot for men, too.

Less is More

The biggest look, along with the whites and the simple fabrics, all comes together for the minimalist effect. No detail, basic tee-shirts, plain Jane.

On the Feet

Like last year, gladiator sandals are still popular… but have been overrun with espadrilles. Huge wedges are big, but you’ll find lots of flats, too. Lace-up boots, just like in the fall and winter, are still at it.

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