October 18th 2009

Twitter fashion insiders

Big on fashion? Even bigger on Twitter? Check out this top 10 list of fashion insiders, care of Fashionism. The best names in fashion-forward thinking, just a tweet away.

Rachel Zoe – celeb stylist

Recent Tweet: “SOOOOOO IN for everyone! xo RZ RT @henryclaypool: What do you think of denim jackets, in or out?”

Follow her: @rzrachelzoe

Garance Dore – illustrator and photographer

Recent Tweet: “on the train, back from london. learning at my own expense that travelling with a short skirt is not so smart! neighbour happy though.”

Follow her: @garancedore

Jeanne Beker – Host of FashionTelevision

Recent Tweet: “Just did a very intimate and animated interview with Karl–My hero!. Brilliant, funny, irreverent. Makes my job a joy!”

Follow her: @Jeanne_Beker

Henry Holland – UK designer

Recent Tweet: “Just woke up in a sweat after anxiety dream about the colour of accessory hardware. Need to CTFO.”

Follow him: @henryholland

Tommy Ton – street style photographer behind Jak & Jil

Recent Tweet: “Got bear hugged and head locked by Mr. Schuman in front of a dozen cameras tonight. Lovely.”

Follow him: @JakandJilBlog

Joe Zee – Creative Director at ELLE magazine

Recent Tweet: “Kanye West makes a special appearance in my office discussing a special project. Again, just another day. :)”

Follow him: @mrjoezee

Lisa Tant – Editor-in-Chief of Flare magazine

Recent Tweet: “Great – another letter/resume boasting of brilliance & fashion smarts but addressed to me (wrong spelling) at the WRONG magazine.”

Follow her: @LisaTant

Coco Rocha – Canadian supermodels of our time

Recent Tweet: “I just finished a full day of gardening and cleaning, talk about a waste of a Saturday.”

Follow her: @Oh_So_Coco

Chanel Iman – model

Recent Tweet: “Upset cuz airport security picking on me just because! They threw away my punk rock BELT cuz they say it look like a weapon? FASHION HATERS”

Follow her: @itsmechaneliman

Douglas Perrett – Model casting director

Recent Tweet: “why are models all lesbians?”

Follow him: @coacd



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