May 16th 2012

Stylish Ways to Accessorize Any Outfit

Looking good is an important element in what you portray. This isn’t to say that you have to be at your gorgeous best all the time, but when it comes to exuding the confidence you need in work, social life, and everything in between, how you present yourself is a big part of it.

And the thing is, your outfit plays a pretty big role.If you are ready to make a big impression in the office or at the nightclub, you are going to discover that you can do it just by picking up the right kind of accessories. When you have invested in good clothes that are simple classics, you can easily jazz them up a little by using of the right jewelry, scarves or hair accessories. Check out this list of stylish ways that you can enhance your current wardrobe.


Jewelry is a great way to add accents to your wardrobe. If you are headed to the office, keep it simple and small. A murano glass pendant is a great way to add a little bit of shine and color to your outfit. If you have a wide neckline, choose a broad pendent that takes up space and commands attention. Earrings are also a wonderful way to make an outfit more exciting. Use earrings to complement the color of your outfit, adding a delightful echo close to your face. You can also break up the lines of your arms and wrists with bangles and a discreet anklet lends your leg a subtle sparkle at the nightclub.


Belts are an easy way to change a look in a flash, instantly update an outfit, and add much more than a way to just hold up some pants. When choosing a belt, think about contrast. You can either have the belt blend in (IE black on black) or or provide deep contrast (think orange on pink) to your outfit. A low contrast belt is usually best suited for those with  waistlines which aren’t that defined, because then it will give you a flattering line.  A high contrast belt, on the other hand, automatically draws more attention to the waistline.


Scarves are wonderful and when you take a look at them, they are good for so much more than just keeping your neck and your head warm in winter. For example, if you are headed out for a spring day, choose a very narrow, very long scarf that gets draped around your neck in several loops. This adds some gorgeous motion to your stride. A colorful silk scarf wrapped around your head and paired with dark sunglasses is ideal when you are looking for a 1950’s movie star aesthetic. When you want something more whimsical, you’ll discover that a very small, narrow scarf wrapped around the wrist gives a gorgeous flutter to your hand gestures. Scarves are inexpensive and they come in a wide range of colors and styles, so think about how you can get the results you want.


Choosing the right hat is a must-do when you’re looking for something to top off your style. You will want to pick one that complements your personality, wardrobe, and face shape to help you feel confident in your signature look. When you invest in a hat, you’ll want to choose ones that are simple and in timeless styles combined with versatile colors. Fedoras, newsboy hats, and winter beanies are safe options, chosen in beiges, white, black, brown, and navy.

Hair Accessories

Whether you have very short hair or very long hair, there are some gorgeous hair accessories out there for you. If you have short hair, consider the recent trend for fascinators. Fascinators are relic from the twenties, and they simply include a rigid headband which has some decorations glued to them at one temple. For example, brighten up a dull look with something like a cluster of feathers or silk flowers right behind your ear. A simple gold barrette is a striking way to keep longer hair back, while a barrette that is shaped in some way adds a visual appeal to your outfit that is both striking and subtle.


The best pop of colour can come from a shoe, and having different ways to wear bright shoes is key. There are plenty of different ways to wear them, but the easiest way is to wear a matching top: a relatively timeless style statement. You can also go the accessory route and match the shoes to a handbag of the same colour, pulling together a whole outfit. Bright shoes look fabulous with a neutral ensemble, and can make a statement all on their own, packing that extra punch against neutrals like cream, navy or white.



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