March 17th 2012

Spring fashion do’s and don’t’s for men

After a steady stream of chilly weather (even if, in most places, a little unseasonably warm), we’re ready to bring in the warmer weather.

We’re looking forward to unleashing our spring style, but before we just slip on the flip flops, there are a few fashion rules we should keep in mind.

Here are our top spring fashion do’s and don’t’s, especially for men.

Do: Find Lighter Fabrics

Yep, we tend to get a little cozy in the wintertime, looking for heavy fabrics, such as wool, corduroy, dark denim, and more. For the spring, look for lightened up fabrics, such as linen, cotton, hemp, and bamboo–all of which are supersoft and lightweight, to boot.

Do: Think of Lean Layers

While it’s still chilly in the spring weather, keep layers in mind, but just don’t make them heavy. Take simple fall favourites, such as cotton cardigans, lightweight coats, and denim jackets and add layers (upon layers, if necessary) to stay warm for the chillier days and, especially, during the evenings.

Do: Look for Lived-In Fabrics

Though clean and crisp is usually synonymous with spring, wrinkle-ready fabrics are even better. They deliver that lived-in look with a side of laid back. Just be careful not to spew into the lazy section. Crinkles do not mean finding them at the bottom of the hammer.

Do: Swap the Scent

When the seasons change, your scent should, too. The ones from the winter are too strong for the warm weather, and because sweating is inevitable, it makes it even stronger than ever. Choose fragrances and colognes that are rich with hints of musk, crisp citrus, and a cheek of freshness.

Don’t: Leave it for Loose

Even though we love the look of loose fitting wear, we also want to opt for an outfit that flatters us. Find chinos and slacks that have the same look we go for in our men’s wear and good fitting jeans: nothing saggy, slim-lined, lower rises, all that make your butt look great.

Don’t: Style In Sandals

Let’s face it, most men’s sandals, or mandals, aren’t very flattering. And often, men go for hike-worthy wear that’s super chunky and clunky and have no business being in any sort of remotely fashionable ensemble. Look for light-weight, simple versions, complete with pedicure, or lean-lined sneakers and flip flops.

Don’t: Wear Wraparounds

Bike ride or a run? Yes. Even playing sports? Sure. Lounging around, going for a ride, hitting the market? No way. Retire those wraparounds and get yourself to 2012 with aviators and other looks that definitely transcend time.

Don’t: Think Boardshorts are Cool

Here’s a secret. Boardshorts? Meant for teenagers and college-aged kids. Those knee-length billowy shorts are not for grown ups. When you’re looking for a bathing suit (and that’s what these are… not everyday shorts, mind you), pick one that sits just below the hip and ends about midthigh. Look for solids and basic prints; not Hawaiian hibiscus flowers.


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