April 28th 2009

Buy your bathing suit from a vending machine

Quiksilver and their cutting-edge ways have teamed with The Standard Hotels to make bathing suits to be distributed from vending machines.

These swimsuits, available in both men’s and women’s, are to be distributed at poolside at the hotel’s four properties, as well as at their website ShoptheStandard.com.

In a recent press release, Joshua Katz, director of marketing and communications at Quiksilver Inc., explained that, “This is a 24-hour customer, and a lot of times they might not have a swimsuit but want to take a late-night swim, after the hotel’s boutique is closed.”

The vending machines will dispense four men’s retro-inspired styles, and a classic black string bikini for the women. Each men’s suit includes a different design inspired by a different Standard Hotel location, including colour identities and list of addresses of local destinations.

The vending machines also sell ‘zines and local artists’ work.

See more at ShoptheStandard.com.

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