July 10th 2011

Quick fixes for 5 common hair emergencies

Ever have that “uh-oh” moment when you realize you’ve gone too far in the comfort of your own bathroom? Chances are you have, but you don’t need to freak out and don a hat… before quickly making your way into the salon.

Here are our top 5 hair emergencies, and how to solve them.

You’ve over-snipped your bangs

So you’ve decided your bangs need a trim and, alas, you’ve cut them far too short. In order to disguise the length of your bangs, change your style – at least for the time being. Instead of wearing them straight down, sweep them off to the side. Coat them with a bit of light gel, then use a blow-dryer to secure them in place. Option 2? Wear ’em pinned back.


Your hair lacks body

Sure, not really an emergency, but for certain occasions (IE attending a wedding), you’ll want to look your best. Limp, stringy hair can be remedied with a few new bathroom essentials. First, wash with a volumizing shampoo, then condition only the ends. Blow it dry with a vent brush or your fingers, lifting at the roots, and keep the airflow close to your scalp. You can also invest in foam rollers, which will add body to clean hair, and using a 3/4-inch barrel curling iron will give you some more, too. Simply finish with a texturizing thickening spray ($25) and you’ll have fuller hair that’ll last the night.

It has that light socket look

Okay, so maybe you just have some dry, frizzy hair. So the biggest key is to keep it conditioned. Since hair is usually driest at the ends, focus there, and let it sit in your hair for at least five minutes before rinsing. Pat it dry with a towel. Next, try silicone-based products to keep the moisture in.

You’ve overbleached

Too many highlights can lead to an overbleached look. Try a demi-permanent color (a temporary dye that runs out in about 4 weeks), in a colour one shade deeper than your highlights.

You’re a bit of a greaseball

If it’s not just a lack of, well, keeping your hair clean, invest in a shampoo that contains zinc and shampoo daily. Avoid conditioning the roots and scalp. If you don’t have the time for a fresh wash, rub baby powder into the roots of dry hair to soak up excess oils. You can also keep oil-blotting face strips on hand for mid-day touch-ups: just blot on the go.

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