February 11th 2010

How to wear a tuxedo

You’re getting dressed up and your faced with the dilemma: suit? Shirt and slacks? Tux? We don’t have a lot of options, so we need to make sure we do it right. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, its the perfect time.

When to wear

If an invite ever says the tuxedo is an option, then it’s a must. If it’s a night of romance, it’s recommended.

What to add

The Tie

You have three options: a pre-tied bow, an actual bow tie, and a black tie. Choose the former if you’re in a rush, the middle if you’re able, and the latter if you’re a twenty-something or under, and trying to go a more casual route.

The Collar

The tux classic is the band collar with duo-points facing down. Alternatively, you might want to go with the pinpoint French-cuffed route. Both are classic and slick.

The Shoes

Black leather and nothing else – and keep them scuff free and polished.

The Links and Studs

Go with basic silver which says class without overdoing it.

Which to choose

The single-breasted jacket – basic, all purpose and clean.

The double-breasted jacket
– a boxier fit, it looks better on taller men.

The shawl-collar jacket – is a thing of the pass. Step away.

The white dinner jacket – if you’re getting married, perhaps only then.

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