December 8th 2010

Fashion tips for skinny guys

Let’s face it. Men aren’t built exactly equal. We can gorge on protein shakes, spend hours at the gym, and try to pack on the pounds, but some of us hold onto a sinewy frame that doesn’t make us exactly feel uber masculine.

Luckily, what we wear can.

Wear Shoulder Pads

Sounds like something from the 80s, no? I’m not talking over-the-top padding to make you look like a football star. Just a light shoulder padding that gives a bit of a boost. Be sure to find padding proportionate to your body… Otherwise, you’ll look like a little boy lost in dad’s jacket.

Nix the Pleats

Find pants with a classic cut and a flat front. Opt for straight leg or boot cut looks and avoid skinny jeans–inevitably, they’ll make you appear skinnier. Patterns are good, too, ensuring the look is with the current season.

Find Your Length

Jackets should fall right at your buttocks. If the jacket is too short, it will emphasize your skinny body; too long and it will make you look like you’re drowning in fabric.

Find the Right Fabric

Heavier fabrics, like thick corduroy in the winter months, can add bulk with the right amount of style. Stick to thick wool sweaters over thin, long cardigans, and heavy wools for suits and dress clothes. Always dress is layers when the opportunity and weather is there.

Kick Up the Colour

Say goodbye to monochromatic colour schemes. Single colours from head to toe–especially black–will make you look even skinnier. Lighter colours are good options, such as white, cream, gray, light blues, and beige. Add horizontal stripes and stylish patterns.

Take on the Turtleneck

Turtleneck sweaters in cooler  weather is a perfect choice, compared to the V-neck sweaters that show off a thin neck and upper body. Again, layering is good.

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