October 12th 2009

5 best ways for leggings

Leggings are still hot this season, but wearing them with long sweaters, under dresses and with short minis are the only way to go. Think a little more risque, outside the box and elegant this season with the classic legging made a little more clever.

  1. With a Trench: pair it with your favourite bright jacket, or opt for a neutral with not-so-run-of-the-mill leggings
  2. With Sporty Gear: wear them under your favorite athletic shorts, a pair of sneakers, and 80s inspired tube socks
  3. With a Boyfriend Sweater: go for a long look with a classic boyfriend sweater – huge this season.
  4. With a Denim Mini: keep it sexy with a little skirt and long legs.
  5. With a Fancy Jacket: dress it up with a little bling and a lot of zing.

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