September 23rd 2009

Donna Karan releases iPhone app

Famous designer Donna Karan, along with Atimi Software Inc., has launched an application for Apple’s iPhone featuring the fashionista herself.The app lets Karan share things she loves, including chats with friends, and latest updates. The personal touch that Karan brings makes it stand out from apps from other designers, to truly allow her to connect with her clients and fans.

“With me, it’s never just about the clothes. It’s about a lifestyle and commonality that I share with my consumer. This iPhone application is the modern evolution of the time I spend with my customers in the dressing room. Only now I can reach a world of women immediately, speaking woman to woman about clothes, objects of desire and personal passions. There is nothing faster, more mobile or more advanced in communication today,” Karan commented in the press release.

The app also includes a unique fashion video called  ‘System of Dressing’, where Karan discusses how consumers can maximize the versatility of their clothes. It also allows users to create a wish list of products and forward it to a personal shopper, as well as daily insights to Karan’s journal.

Read the full review here.

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