January 14th 2013

Best looks for men’s 2013 fashion

Looking for some great looks for guys this winter and spring? We have a lot of classics on the horizon, highlighting timeless pieces with a bit of fun, whimsy, and trend.

Plaids, patterns, and color are big this year, with a touch of rustic-inspired chic that combines similar looks in women’s fashion.

Regardless of your style, you’ll love what’s on tap and coming up for men’s fashion in 2013.

Plenty of patterns

Everything from plaid to geometric patterns are in style this year, with a mix of neutrals to tie it all together. Picture vests with busy patterns, loaded with color and movement, paired with basic grey slacks and a fun tie of plaid. Mixing and matching them is key–but don’t get too crazy. Going over three patterns at once can look a little confusing, but do just enough to add a little contrast to your look. Vogue introduces some fantastic tartan patterns this year.

Big on blue

Navy and light blues are big coming into 2013, especially as the spring comes around the corner. It’s complemented by other tones, those are resemble the nature of the oceans, lakes, and skies. Opt for adding blue where you haven’t before, such as in belts, bright suits, and more.

Swap the shoes

Instead of opting for dress shoes and, in the spring, boat shoes, stick with boots. But we’re not talking winter boots… keep those in the garage for shovelling snow. Instead, look for long, leather boots in browns or blacks, ones that look the best with what you already have in your closet.

Fix yourself in the right fabric

Though cotton is always classic, it can be a little common and repetitive. Look for winter-inspired wools and tweeds, which adds that rustic-inspired look that is big right now. Moving into the spring, look for lighter weight options with the same rustic fashion feel, such as eco-inspired hemp and organic materials. Whatever you choose, it is that lived-in, comfortable look that combines familiarity with coziness — without being sloppy or bulky. There is also a bit of sportiness in here, with leather varsity jackets and stylish windbreakers.

Suit selection

The suit is essential to many a-men wardrobe, and the two-button jacket is still on top for this upcoming year. The combination of the buttons and the overall look creates a slimming look. Another part of the suit that is leftover from last year is the pocket square, which can be a tool to incorporate the other trends of the season: patterns, plaid, color, blue, and add to your personal style.

Bring in the romance

Whether you are dressing yourself up for a date, heading to a meeting, walking over to work, or spending an afternoon running errands, adding a little romance to your look is the way to get noticed in a good way. Consider a touch of white lace, a combination of dress with simplicity, calf and ankle-length items, with cuffs here and there. To cover, look for jackets, coats, and vests that range from short waist cuts to long overcoats.

Bring on the new and timeless looks for 2013. We’re ready.


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