September 25th 2011

7 classic fall fashion trends that’ll never go out of style

When you’re building your wardrobe, you should focus on timeless classics that will never go out of style.

With these, you can take the current fads and trends, and round out your wardrobe each season.

Here are seven timeless classics that never go out of style–and must-haves for your fall wardrobe.   

A Nice Fitted Jacket

Be sure to invest in a nice tailored jacket. Choose one that is fitted, which will show off your curves and accentuate your figure. Choose this over a baggy, masculine style.

A fitted jacket will look great with everything from work clothes to casual jeans, to over a nice dress. It’ll add structure and show off what you have, and, with the right fit, help create what you don’t.

Choose jackets in traditional fall fabrics such as tweed, corduroy, denim or menswear plaids–these are excellent choices. For something a little fancier, opt for velvet, leather, or brocade.

The White Oxford Dress Shirt

Yep, this basic is always in style, and a simple crisp, long-sleeve white shirt is a forever building block of your wardrobe, especially in the fall.

Invest in a nice one, but make sure it suits you as well. Choose between cotton with a bit of stretch, a simple but fitted silhouette, cuff and sleeve details (or lack thereof), and collar variations. Wear it on its own, under a pretty sweater, or paired with a vest.

Black Pant Suit

If you’re a business professional, this is a must, but even if not, it’s good to have one around. They’re a simple solution to any semi-formal event when paired with the right accessories, and are forever flattering on any figure.

Go for a solid black pantsuit, which is a flattering look on just about anyone.


If you want some jewelry that always looks good, especially in the cooler months, opt for pearls. Pearls are the perfect accessory to complement fall wear. But you don’t have to stick to simple white. Grey pearls look great with black, bright colours add a bit of fun, and classic white keeps your look, well, class–perfect for that cocktail dress .

Neutral Winter Wear

When it gets a little chillier, you’ll want to dig into the closet for a nice winter coat. Choose on that is a neutral – you’ll always look great and it will go with just about anything. Camel is especially a great colour, perfect for fall, and matches with brights or darks.

A Big Bag

Bigger bags are great for  cooler weather because often we have other things in tow, and a space to cram in our wintery gear. Keep it simple or make it exciting – just pick something that will go with a lot of your wardrobe and reflect your accessories.

Knee-High Boots

Everyone looks great in knee-high boots, which make perfect sense for fall because of their style. They look great with skirts of all lengths, trousers, and skinny jeans, as well as leggings and opaque tights. A bonus? They keep you warm, too.

Look for a mid-heel height, which is great for any option, and walkable for everyday where. Go for a a nice brown boots for casual looks, or opt for black, which pairs with almost everything.

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