April 8th 2010

Tips for choosing artwork

Artwork can be a reflection of yourself and your home, so when you choose it, you want to make sure it does just that. Whatever vibe it’s delivering, it essentially delivering you.Here are some helpful tips to choosing the best artwork for your home.

Identify the space. Large pieces work well for large places, and small pieces for small. Keep it in scale with the location.

Find your focal point. Wherever you place it, the art will turn into a focal point for the whole room, so make sure its well lit and a destination to attract the eyes.

Use hallways. Change your hall into an art gallery. These high traffic areas are the perfect place to house photographs.

Keep an eye. Direct sunlight can cause damage, so throughout the year, ensure that what was best in December still holds true in the summer months.

Go with the flow. Long, vertical walls suit artwork with a vertical composition; the same goes for horizontal art and walls.

Work with the wall. Decide whether white walls, colours, or textures create the best showcase for your art.

Hang it right. Choose to place your artwork at eye level while standing.

Think ahead. If making an investment, think of how it might transition if you move or redo your home.

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