November 17th 2009

Functional art: the Deckstool

What’s better than reliving the days of your carefree childhood by scooting around on a skateboard? Reclaimed furniture, of course. Fresh from the Pennsylvania-based designers, Deckstools combines childhood nostalgia with art and function.From designer and craftsman Jason Podlaski, each deckstool is developed from hand-selected parts, and individually hand-crafted.  Even the cast aluminum trucks are reused to adhere the seat to the legs.

So are they are art? Or can you really use them?

According to the website, “The deckstool may be used as an occasional stool or side table and is ideal for a young person’s bedroom, dorm room, apartment, or anywhere additional seating may be needed for playing video games, accommodating guests, or playing music. The compact size of the deckstool makes it especially versatile for use in rooms where floor space is limited.”

But really, you’ll just want one because they look so darn cool. And it’s a perfect complement to Skatelab’s Camous Bookshelf.

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