August 13th 2009

Eco-friendly decorating

Want to green your next decorating venture but keep your style? Here are some great tips to keep it your own – but give a little back to the environment, too.

In Your Kitchen

Seek out natural materials, such as stone countertops, and cabinets made from sustainable woods. You can find recycled varieties, or opt for something new but eco-friendly, such as eucalyptus or bamboo. Some manufacturers make tiles from recycled glass, and ensure appliances have Energy Star ratings.

In Your Bathroom

Cabintry and tiles can be approached the same way, and there are many brands of water-saving showerheads and toilets. Always check for leaky faucets, too.

In the Air

Cleaning products, paints, furniture materials, and other things we bring in our home often can leave chemicals, pesticides, and odours that add to unpleasant and toxic air quality. Double check the ingredients, and find natural alternatives to your favourite supplies and goods.

In Your Living Room

Changing the flooring? New sources of eco-inspired flooring are popping up quicker than ever before. Hard woods such as bamboo replace themselves rapidly, and bamboo flooring is one of the many options for choosing a sustainable base.

If you love carpet, there are green alternatives made of natural fibres. You can also look for eco-friendly wallpaper, antiques, second hand items, and reclaimed furniture.

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