October 3rd 2009

Design For A Dollar top fifteen designs

A highlight at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair was the clever exhibit called Design For A Dollar. NYC students from the Pratt Institute of Design were challenged to create something with just one dollar.We love it for two reasons – one, it’s completely creative, and two, it brings in the aspect of keeping it eco-friendly and sustainable, by reusing many items to create a new design.

There were eighty students who entered the contest and the top fifteen were featured in the exhibit.

Our favourite of the fifteen is The Drip Plate by Catherine Merrick, a repurposed antique ceramic plate into something completely fresh. The original French-inspired china is renewed by dripping wax onto the plate, followed by sandblasting the rest away to create a new design.

Check out the rest of the fifteen at inhabitat.com.

Image source: inhabitat.com

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