July 23rd 2009

Breakfast beside bed

Sometimes we stumble upon designs that, by the end of reading about them, we’re thoroughly frustrated that they don’t exist in real life.

This is one of them.

Imagine waking up in the morning and having a whole gourmet breakfast waiting for you? And we don’t mean one of those coffee makers attached to alarm clocks (although those are cool, too). We mean the whole she-bang: fresh juice, coffee, toast, and condiments – complete with a spoon for serving them.

We we did imagine this. Imagined it a lot. And now we’re a little disappointed, but, you’re welcome to indulge in the fantasies, too.

Designed by some clever French folks, the Wake Up Alarm replaced any thought of slamming snooze with a warm and waiting breakfast. Instead of setting just the alarm, you also plug in your order and load everything in their slots.

Check it out at yankodesign.com

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