July 24th 2009

What’s on the road in 2014

Wondering what is on tap for the next five years? Constant changes in automobile manufacturing keeps us guessing, with new standards, developments, and struggles to stay in the market.

It takes about four years to develop a vehicle ready to hit the market, and Forbes.com has listed what we’re potentially seeing in the year 2014.

Among them are the BYD F3DM, a plug-in electric hybrid that started seeing sales in China last year. With an electric motor and a 67-horsepower, 1L gasoline engine, it’s road ready, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient.

We’re also seeing Toyota’s new FT-EV, soon to be released in Japan. This car features an electric range of about 50 miles, and a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour, perfect for commuters.

Check out the full list in pictures at Forbes.com.

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