April 19th 2010

Six tips for car Spring cleaning

Winter is (probably) over, and we can anticipate that the warmer weather will continue to progressively rear its head. And (probably) we didn’t take as good of care of our car as we should have. Really… How many times did you clean it? That’s what we thought.

Here are our top seven tips to Spring cleaning your car to ready it for the new season.

Wash it

Seems simple, doesn’t it? But we mean a thorough, hard-core hand-washing. The inside, the outside, and every crevasse inbetween.

So what does this entail?

  • Tidying the inside, followed by a good vacuuming
  • Using soap that is made specially for automobiles
  • Washing it with a hose that utilizes a mist-spray nozzle
  • Handwash with a bucket, soap and sponge, gently working out the debris and rinsing frequently.
  • Wash the fender and bumpers last.
  • Use the hose to clean and remove salt and other buildup from the wheels and undercarriage.
  • Dry with a shammy or natural cloth.
  • Give a good washing to the windows and mirrors, using streak-free cleaner.

Inspect it

Once clean, take a good look for rust, stone chips and other abrasions. Repair them immediately with touch-up paint and a special applicator, available from the dealership (new cars often come with them). For large issues, bring it in the body shop.

Grease it

Use graphite lubricant on your locks and use a small amount of petroleum-based lube for hinges. Double check in the owner’s manual for the products to buy.

Check it

If there is any cracked or brittle weather stripping, be sure to replace it right away.

Double check it

Once it’s all spic n’ span, take a look at the underbody for rust or winter damage. If you’re not sure, this is a good time to bring it in to a mechanic, and then get them fixed as soon as you can. Important areas, such as brakes and the exhaust, deserve extra attention. I

Organize it

What do you really need in there? Some necessary papers, a mileage notebook, a wastebag, some CDs… Try to keep it as a car and less of a second living space/home office.

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