September 21st 2009

Prius tops Japan’s best-seller list

Toyota’s eco-friendly hybrid has ranked number one as Japan’s best-selling car for the four consecutive month in a row. The Prius has topped the list, this is due to the assistance of tax breaks that have been issued by the government this past year.

According to The Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Toyota has sold 21,669 Prius cars in just the month of August. Honda Motor Co.’s Fit compact auto held the number two spot, with about half of the amount sold.

Spokesman Toshiki Miyake says “government measures such as subsidies and tax breaks really helped lift sales of hybrid and energy-efficient cars.” This includes non-hybrids, such as the Fit, because it is still environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Regardless, the tax breaks and subsidies have given the boost to sales of eco-friendly vehicles. And not only are they great for the planet, but they look pretty slick, too.

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