July 24th 2009

New Mercedes features airbags outside

Mercedes-Benz has taken its safety system to the next tier with Pre-Safe, an automatic detection device that tightens seatbelts and applies brakes in the event of potential frontal collision.

But the new Mercedes technology and development go even further, linking the Pre-Safe device to more safety features within the car. This includes an airbag under the front wheels that, in the event of impact, deploys and anchors the road, and in turn, shortening stopping distances.

It also includes side impact bars that can instantly fill with pressured gas for side impacts, as well as seat bolsters, giving passengers a nudge way from the side of a car just before collision. That’s cushioned by a central airbag, stopping person-to-person impact.

The back seat includes a “Belt Bag”: an airbag build into the seat belt, and new seating designed for kids.

These new airbags also have automatic detection for weight and height, customizing their use.

Visit them at mercedes-benz.ca

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