July 5th 2010

Harvick takes NASCAR victory

It was a wild night at the Daytona International Speedway. Excitement filled the air as the last race ever to be held on the track proved to be a good one.

The race ended with Kevin Harvick taking that checkered flags, while many angry competitors landed in the dust.

The race began 90 minutes late due to the ran and went far past midnight, but that was only the beginning.

But the whole race was filled with excitement. Within the race, the six multi-car crashes in the second half of the race upped the ante, with a 20-carcrash  that included four-time defending series champion Jimmie Johnson that stopped the action for 20 minutes.

Harvick took the lead and bypassed all the crash action for his second victory of the season and his first at Daytona since 2007’s Daytona 500, nearly an hour earlier than Tony Stewart’s in 2005.

But it was a bit of a messy race. Harvick had to desert his teammate and drafting partner Clint Bowyer, a situation that he didn’t want to be in, according to ESPN.

“It was every man for himself at that point,” Harvick said. “You know the guys behind you are going to push you as hard as they can. So if I’d slowed down to let him in or something like that, it would have just given the other line more momentum. At that point you just hope your line goes faster than the other line. Tonight we were in the right line, on the bottom and it wound up working out.”

Kasey Kahne scored second place, while Jeff Gordon nabbed third. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Burton followed fourth and fifth.

A massive $20¬†million repaving job will begin next week on Daytona International Speedway’s well-worn pavement.

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Image courtesy of myfoxorlando.com and NASCAR.

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