December 8th 2009

Eco-friendly ATVs

ATVs – that is, All-Terrain Vehicles – are often known for being not the most planet friendly ways of getting around, and environmental groups don’t exactly promote ATVs as the ride of choice.

However, we think this might change – and with their use relatively prevalent among farmers, forest rangers, and the like, we also think it’s time for a renewed version of the classic quad.

With an increasing amount of cars and trucks turning towards diesel, ATVs may be following their lead.

Three manufacturers have already moved toward this direction; Kubota, Arctic Cat and Kawasaki now make diesel quads geared toward farmers and commercial fleets.

Arctic Cat’s 700 model is a twin-cylinder diesel, using biodiesel, a renewable, vegetable-oil based fuel – cleverly, the ATV is made for the farmers, with fuel from the farmers.

But what about for the folks who want it for recreation? Another pile of companies are emerging; among them is Barefoot Motors, out to build the world’s first “earth utility vehicle”, called the Model One.

The Model One is anything but mundane, with an 1,000-pound towing capacity, powerful enough to haul any farmer’s necessities, but with a twist of fun. Unlike conventional ATVs it has no tailpipe or exhaust, meaning it’s essentially emission-free.

With it’s electrical outlet, the lithium-ion battery is ready to go. The Model One is also balanced, light, and quiet – a winning combination.

And if you want to look cool while in your ATV, check out these Motorcycle Goggles in black. Simple, yet slick, we love ’em. And we love the pink version even more.

Image courtesy of Barefoot Motors

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