April 9th 2012

How to keep the best care of your car

Whether you keep your old Volvo up to date and looking shiny, or you have an expensive ride that you pamper with care, there are a few things you can do to keep that car looking up to snuff.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to create vehicle vibrancy, and here are our top tips for keeping the best care of your car.

Buff Out the Scratches

Our cars will eventually get so many microscratches, that a hazy look will develop in the clear coat paint that is on top. These can be easily buffed out with polish that is applied using an orbital polisher. If you have deeper scratches, you’ll need to use touch-up paint. Word of the wise: just don’t use a brush; instead, opt for an applicator that is specifically designed so it will be as precise as possible.

Check the Lenses

Over time, the plastic headlight lenses tend to get pretty dull. You can use a plastic polish that is made for vinyl rear windows of convertibles that will take care of the fog.


To keep the life of the dash, doors, and seats as long as possible, you should routinely moisturize them. The coverings of these ares are generally vinyl or plastic; if so, then use a thin coat of vinyl cleaner, apply with a soft cloth, and gently rub it in. If you have leather, use a separate cleaner and conditioner. If it is a mix, use cleaners that are designed for leather products. Do this twice a year.

Clean off the Sap

Sap can zap the life of your car. Be sure to never scrape it off; if you do, you’ll take off the paint with it. Instead, use a few coats of bug and tar remover, which will soften the sap. Then, use a plastic razor (available at any auto store) to shave it off. When you’re done, buff and wax the area.

The Mats Matter

To clean the floor mats, treat them with a degreaser and use a soft nylon brush to work out any possible stains. Then take them outside, hose them down, and let them air dry.

Clear off the Bumpers

Especially if you want to ditch old bumper stickers or dealer nameplates, it is easy to clean off the bumpers. Use a strand of fishing line to saw through the adhesive holding, then if anything is left on, use a goo remover to soften the adhesive. If the stickers are vinyl, use a hair dryer to warm them first.

Watch the Seal

If the rubber gaskets on the doors soon break down, you’ll be hearing air whistling through the cracks and start getting water leaks. To keep these intact, keep them smooth and soft with a cleaner and a polish that are specifically designed for rubber, and use it twice a year.

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