June 19th 2010

BMW announces greener plans

Out of all of the top automobile makers, BMW was among the laggers to come up with a hybrid option. But now, they’ve taken it on with full force, turning the majority of their creations into tree-hugging hybrids.

On Tuesday, Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the BMW AG board of management, confirmed a bevy of new production on the horizon. (Read more here)

Notably, he explained that the rumour for the 5 Series ActiveHybrid concept is legitimate, along with, most likely, a 3 Series hybrid.

The 5 series combines gas with electric, and a goal to be on our roads by 2011. With a goal of what he calls “sustainable mobility”, they are making greener plans on one of their most popular models.

“But in my opinion,” Reithofer says, “the highlight of the year is most definitely the new BMW 5 Series.”

He goes on: “The new BMW 5 Series epitomizes our entry into a new dimension. The BMW 5 Series will be a key driver of sales, image and profit for the BMW Group. We always knew that we had to become significantly more efficient with production, starting with this model. So, for the first time, we increased the number of production modules used in the manufacture of the new BMW 5 Series.

“We are also entering into a new dimension in terms of fuel efficiency. Just take the new 520d as an example: 5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, carbon emissions of 132 grams per kilometer, 184 hp.These figures describe the world’s most efficient luxury sedan.”

Luxury, indeed, but that isn’t the only greener option the company has to offer.

They recently launched the ActiveHybrid 7, along with a few external green initiatives. These include an $100 million investment with SGL Carbon to develop lightweight carbon-fiber parts for future cars, along with electric batteries, discussing the success of the Mini E.

The first completely electric BMW line will be dubbed as the Megacity Vehicle in 2013, with lithium-ion batteries and marketed as “the new vehicle for urban mobility.”

Read the full announcement here.

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