November 7th 2011

2012 cars we’re looking forward to, part I: The Tiguan

With 2012 around the corner, this year’s slew of cars is proving to be a good one. Not only have many classic favorites had admirable updates, but there are some new ones that are looking pretty nice, too.

Among them in Volkswagen’s Tiguan, a slick crossover that finds you the perfect balance of sporty, attractive, and practical.

2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

This compact crossover is on the way up. Last year, its sales increased from around 14,000 units to nearly 21,000. This year, it’s breaking records.

The new Tiguan utilizes a 2.0-liter turbocharged TSI four-cylinder engine, generating the same 200 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque output as last year’s model. These add up to a big improvement in miles per gallonOther updates include a new  version of its 09M six-speed automatic, now using two different overdrive gears instead of one. As well, the Aslin gearbox changes its torque converter when coasting, and the transmission reduces shift points and lowered idle speed.

These alterations should tally to a 15-to-20 percent gain in efficiency (approximately 23 mpg city and 30 mpg highway in front-wheel-drive spec). Last year’s version was about 20/26. The downside is that it still recommends premium fuel.

The Tiguan also boasts updated hardware, which is found underneath its slick, and effective, exterior. The front fascia adopts Volkswagens latest corporate look, which is making its way into a number of its vehicles: twin split-bar grille and new headlamps, looking pretty good. There is also an addition of chrome lower trim strips and reshaped taillights with updated internals. Overall, it looks just that much more refined.

There are two front-end looks for the 2012 Tiguan. One is the 28° Track & Style nose, which has a light-duty plastic skid plate and slightly improved arrival angle. The other options is the 18° Sport & Style, which includes a bluffer face, with a larger center air intake and a Leno jut. European customers get to choose, while North American customers will have the 28° Track & Style nose.

The interior of the new Tiguan is largely the same as the 2011: well-constructed, comfortable, and good-looking. New additions include an updated steering wheel with multi-function switchgear, a clearer and more colorful data display  between the tachometer and the speedometer and an updated gearshift lever. For those who choose the SEL model, they will also see a thin matte silver trim on the door cards.

Last year’s  Tiguan was more expensive than its competitors of the same cross overs, though Volkswagen hasn’t started pricing the 2012 model’s September on-sale date. We assume it will be in the same ballpark of $23,000.

If you’re looking for refinement in a gorgeous crossover with all of the reliability of a Volkswagen, the Tiguan is an excellent choice.

Stay tuned for more parts as we pick our favorite upcoming vehicles for 2012!

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