October 4th 2009

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The newest Mercedes-Benz combines style new additions to its trademark design for a car that is fit to meet the needs of all ages.

It includes an all-new platform, 16-mm longer that before, but wider and lower. It keeps the same engine, a 3.5-litre V6 with 286 horsepower.

All models include a more aerodynamic body with a drag rating of 0.25, lowering fuel consumption in the E350 and E550 by 0.7 to 1L/100 km.

It’s comfortable and smooth, with Benz’s latest generation 4Matic all-wheel-drive system. It also features a new safety system, such as our aforementioned Pre-Safe and NightView Assist Plus, but with new, E-Class additions: up to 40% of maximum breaking power if it detects an object or vehicle, and a maximum braking power six-tenths of a second before impact.

NightView Assist uses infrared sensors, improving vision on the road, and highlighting pedestrians on the side of the road in high-definition, black and white images with scion xb reviews.

The Adaptive High-Beam Control headlight system is also new, allowing the driver to keep the high beams on at all times, automatically lowering the beams when something is approaching.

We love the new fuel economy improvements, the huge safety enhancements, and it’s slick design.

Specs: 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 4Matic

  • Price base: est. $73,000
  • AWD luxury sedan
  • Engine: 3.5L, 24-valve DOHC V6
  • Power/torque: 268 hp/258 lb.-ft.
  • Transmission: Seven-speed auto
  • 0-100 km/h: 6.3 seconds
  • Fuel consumption (city/hwy., est.): 12.2 / 9.0 L/100 km
  • Competitors: Acura RL, Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF, Infiniti M35x, Lexus GS 350 AWD, Volvo S80

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Image courtesy of mercedes.com


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