July 26th 2009

Recycled Sculpture Show in London

Frogs made from recycled CDs and mobile phones. A heron designed from abandoned shopping carts recovered from a canal. Tires turned into crocodiles.Just a sample of the plethora of recycled sculptures that are residing around the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) London Wetland Centre until June 2010 as part of the Love London line up. The 42 hectare London Wetland Centre is also one of the best urban sites in Europe to watch wildlife.

The WWT is a leading UK conservation organization saving wetlands with nine UK wetland visitor centres, consulting and conservation teams working worldwide.

“We are delighted to host the Love London Recycled Sculpture Show this year,” said Martin Spray, WWT Chief Executive in a statement. “The exhibition’s ‘Wetlands’ theme incorporates WWT’s vision to raise awareness of key environmental issues affecting Wetland Ecosystems, whilst encouraging our visitors to reuse materials before rediscarding them.”

“We must all re-think waste, and act fast to change our harmful ‘throwaway culture’ to a ‘culture of sustainability,’” co-curator and director Caroline Read added. “All our Artists are acutely aware of this need, and are actively engaged in inspiring and educating others. Motivated by the Wetlands theme, by protecting Wildlife and their Natural Habitats, this desire is passionately expressed through wonderful, imaginative Artworks and Sculptures that will strike an emotive chord with the Public.”

WWT London Wetland Centre
Queen Elizabeth’s Walk, Barnes, London, SW13 9WT

For more information, visit wwt.org.uk and recycledsculptureshow.co.uk.

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