August 20th 2009

Pulp Fiction surpasses the need for a gallery

A new exhibition featuring 14 emerging and new artists at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art examines works that bypass traditional thought.Their work transcends the space and systems from Canada’s established institutions, focusing on the feel of an artist-run community.

It sees the gallery or museum as a place to observe, document and make history, seeing art in all its forms and evolving to another. Pulp Fiction delivers an example of culture that is a part of the market, regardless of its museum status.

Pulp Fiction continues at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, 952 Queen St. W., Toronto, until Aug. 23. For more information, call (416) 395-0067 and visit


Marc Bell, Tasha Brotherton, Mark DeLong, Barry Doupe, Shayne Ehman,┬áLiz Garlicki, James Kirkpatrick, Amy Lockhart, Jason McLean, Jennie O’Keefe, Seth Scriver, The Lions, Peter Thompson

June 27 – August 23, 2009

Organized by Museum | London
Curated by Corinna Ghaznavi

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