July 26th 2009

Galleries struggling with recession

With the recession underway, many gallery owners in art-centric communities are finding their options are minimal: close shop, go broke to stay open or drastically change their business.

At least half a dozen galleries in Scottsdale, AZ have closed in the past year, with others close on their tail.

They’re not alone; 24 galleries have closed their doors in Manhattan and between 10 and 15 in Santa Fe, N.M – both art-driven areas.

Some owners refuse to give up; according to the Associated Press, Scottsdale resident and gallery owner Kraig Foote of art one gallery in Scottsdale has taken every step he possibly can, including putting his house up for auction and selling his own art collection for pennies of its worth.

“I have given up everything,” he said in the report. “I’m trying to make it to December. I think people will start spending again once they get to the next holiday. They’ll say, ‘We’ve saved, let’s get something.”

But that doesn’t look to promising, as the economic downfall looms.

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Image: Leslie Levy, left, who has owned an art gallery in the Scottsdale Arts District, is closing up shop after 32 years. keprtv.com

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