October 6th 2009

Film: “Coco Avant Chanel”

The new launch of  “Coco Avant Chanel” (“Coco Before Chanel”) follows the early life of the woman who became one of the most influential women in fashion The film is directed and co-written by Anne Fontaine mixing brutal honesty and tender sympathy, tracking the rise of the fashionista herself: Gabrielle Chanel.

Beginning in an orphanage, it biographically follows the tale of her life through childhood, teenage years, and womanhood.

Played by Audrey Tautou, she delivers a fierce performance of a complicated character. Alongside are Emmanuelle Devos and Alessandro Nivola, both who perform outstandingly as a flamboyant actress and English businessman

It chronicle the development of her ambition, love life, and history, creating a film true to its name.

“Coco Before Chanel” is rated PG-13, and opened this weekend in New York and Los Angeles.

Directed by Anne Fontaine; written by Ms. Fontaine and Camille Fontaine, with Christopher Hampton and Jacques Fieschi, adapted from the book “L’Irrégulière ou Mon Itinéraire Chanel” by Edmonde Charles-Roux; director of photography, Christophe Beaucarne; edited by Luc Barnier; music by Alexandre Desplat; production designer, Olivier Radot; produced by Carole Scotta, Caroline Benjo, Philippe Carcassonne and Simon Arnal; released by Sony Pictures Classics. In French, with English subtitles. Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes.

Featuring Audrey Tautou (Gabrielle Chanel), Benoît Poelvoorde (Étienne Balsan), Alessandro Nivola (Boy Capel), Marie Gillain (Adrienne Chanel) and Emmanuelle Devos (Emilienne).

Read the full review from the New York Times.

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