Discoveries made in Pollock painting

We are likely all familiar with the artwork of Jackson Pollock, whether we’re familiar with his name or not. The iconic, dizzying paintings from his abstract expressionist period are certainly ones that we’ve said, “A child could do that”, and many have mocked his genius.

However, we know the real deal: we DIDN’T do it, and therefore, he deserves the revolutionary recognition for his approach that has made his work what it is.

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Unknown Le Brun painting found at The Ritz

You’ve certainly heard of “The Ritz”, but now there is another reason for the popular Parisian hotel and bar to stand out in the lime light.

Recently, The Hôtel Ritz Paris, which has shut its doors for an unprecedented two-year renovation (that’s right, 2014), made a rather notable discovery: hanging, in plain sight for decades, was a painting that, well, is actually pretty famous.

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Whitney Biennial begins March 1st

The Whitney Museum of American Art has recently announced the list of artists that will be participating in the upcoming 2012 Whitney Biennial.

The Biennial takes place at the museum from March 1st, 2012, through to May 27th, 2012, though some programs continue until June 10th.

This marks the seventy-sixth of an ongoing series of Biennials and Annuals presented by the Whitney Museum since 1932, two years after the Museum was founded. Continue Reading


Cindy Sherman: an artist to know

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Must-see October art exhibits

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Painting in small museum said to be stolen by Nazis

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MoMA’s Abstract Expressionist New York (there’s an app for that)

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