August 7th 2009

Unique designs with Organic Architecture

San Fransisco-based architect Eric Corey Freed is no stranger to thinking outside the box. His designs are based on, literally, green living, delivering alternative architecture in and eco-inspired way.

Founded in 1997, organicARCHITECT is the brainchild of Freed, who was seeking an alternative to traditional design. Their buildings combine high-end design with environmental consciousness through all that they do.

Their buildings, some of what are award winning, are organic and environmentally friendly. They focus on their clients, each resulting in a custom-made plan.

Through in-depth consultations and their commitment to education, they combine a large-scale results within a small business, focusing on community and the environment.

Freed also pens for several publications, including LUXE magazine. He’s also written Green Building and Remodeling for Dummies, and The Inevitable Architect: A Phase by Phase Guide to Green Architecture.

Regardless if you are looking to do some building on your own, advice, or simply want to check out his extensive tips, ideas, and assistance in his written work, check out this much needed step forward in architecture at

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