November 5th 2009

Nendo Studio: clever design

We’ve recently discovered the truest meaning of an eco-inspired home- that is, one that’s decorated and inspired by plant life – and it shows. Architecture and product design group Nendo Studio takes green to the next level with the Moss House private residence in Tokyo, Japan.Inspired by the plant life that lines the close by Shibuya River, the designers used dried moss to decorate the interior walls with nature-inspired patterns. With its trademark texture and rich colour, it brings a new sense of life – literally -to the otherwise bare walls.

In addition to their nature-inspired design, they’ve also created a line of products called ‘1%’, which get their name from the way they develop them. By making only one hundred of each product, consumers own a piece, akin to having a 1% stake in the product. Just like the Moss House – it’s art meets function meet creativity.

Visit them at Nendo Studio and check out some great guides to eco-friendly design, such as pointclickhome’s Green Living by Design: The Practical Guide for Eco-Friendly Remodeling and Decorating.

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