September 23rd 2009

London Design Festival: an eclectic event

The London Design Festival has launched, ready to provide an avenue for creative talent to shine. With over 200 events and activities, it’s world-class design at its best.

The Festival is the UK’s biggest annual celebration of design, featuring many disciplines supported by government, the design sector, and leading businesses.

Eclectic and amazing, the series of creations are far beyond just creative.

Take Corn Craft, for example, from Gallery GUMI and Faye Toogood, transforming corn from inexpensive raw material to refined, sustainable design.

Or what about Heritage Boy with its immaculate detail, Size + Matter causing a double look at every day objects, and Study O Portable, with their series “On Rooftops” ,combining architecture and social environment.

If you can’t see it in person, definitely check out the website at

Don’t feel like seeing it in person is simply an impossibility. It is best to check online before making any decisions regarding whether or not you will be financially capable of attending this festival. It is no exaggeration that going online in search of hotels will likely help you find a place to stay in London within a matter of minutes. Book a hotel right next to the design festival, or find a less expensive room elsewhere in the city. The choice is yours, but you’ll never know what’s available until you look for yourself.

The Festival runs until September 27th.

Image: Size + Matter, courtesy of

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