February 5th 2011

Taking an architecture-inspired trip

If you’re planning a summer getaway and would like to check out the local architecture, it’s not a bad idea. Many folks sign-up for travel tours and head afar just to look at gorgeous, clever, and innovative buildings. To make sure it’s worth the journey, keep these tips in mind.

Have a good guide

Make sure your guide is an architecture-savvy person. The guide should have advanced knowledge, education, and experience in architecture and/or art history.

Check the itinerary

How long will you be visiting each site? You’ll want to  be sure that you’re there long enough for your own tastes. Will there is an on-site guide? Time to look at the details? A question and answer period?

Time for yourself

Depending on your preferences, you may want to check out how many folks are alongside you on the tour. Additionally, you may want to know if your group will be combined with others at the certain sites, or if the places are open to the public or just a single group at a time. If you have many questions, you’ll want smaller groups with more  attention given to each person.

Pick those with the passion

Looking at the different tours, check out who they are geared toward. Are they for a vast age group? Are backgrounds similar? Will they also love architecture? Are they going to get antsy and want to go shopping after ten minutes? You’ll want to travel with like-minded folks.

Photos are more fun

Some rules will require no photos allowed. Others don’t mind. If you’re keen on capturing the moment, search the sites on the Web beforehand to see what you’re allowed to do.

Going behind the scenes

Sometimes tours are allowed to go where independent travellers are not allowed to venture. If this is more your style, consider finding a tour group that does just that.

Flexibility is the focus

If you’re not into the structure that a tour brings, but like that you are involved with others and have guides at hand, consider how flexible the itinerary is to do your own thing. See if you’ll have time to explore on your own.

More tips? List them below!

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